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All music on this website is available in MP3 format. You can download and stream the tracks for free as much as you want. If you want to use any of the music in a commercial way please read the licensing page.
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Twilight (Friday, 17 October 2008)

Longer drum and bass with changing melodies using strings, dark bass lines and electro sounds. Length 8:28

Poison Dart (Friday, 17 October 2008)

Fast electronic drum and bass. Length 5:35

Shock Wave (Wednesday, 27 August 2008)

New electronic track, using filtered pianos and big beats. Length 4:50

Fomalhaut (Sunday, 18 March 2007)

Bigbeat electronic style rhythms. Length 5:54

Sprites (Tuesday, 25 July 2006)

Tech step style drums, distorted wobble 808 bass and a dark atmosphere. Length 7:06

Mirage (Friday, 21 July 2006)

Downtempo drums with lots of different sounds and weird instruments. Length 5:21

The Horizontal Story (Thursday, 27 April 2006)

Drum and bass track using bright lead tunes and low bass. Length 6:18

Typhoon (Thursday, 13 April 2006)

Tech style two step drum beats with electro sounds and large lead pads. Length 6:39

Aerodynamic (Saturday, 11 March 2006)

Ambient intro with pianos and strings switches to brighter high pitched synth notes and bass guitar. Length 5:48

Slime Monster (Thursday, 29 December 2005)

Downtempo electronic beats. Length 4:10

Space Clouds (Sunday, 25 December 2005)

Big beat electronica made with large lead strings and low bass notes. Length 5:24

Fireball Mystery (Tuesday, 8 November 2005)

Bright intro switches into darker ambient drum and bass, with distorted bass notes and dark pads. Length 5:53

March of the Space Ants (Thursday, 13 October 2005)

Layered synth tunes drift above big beats in this continually changing electo style track. Length 4:31

Fire In Soul (Tuesday, 7 June 2005)

Lighter drum and bass beats with atmospheric synth sounds. Length 6:07

Decay Chain (Thursday, 12 May 2005)

Low twisting bass lines and ambient effects build into processed amen breaks in this dark drum and bass track. Length 6:00

Motion Forces (Thursday, 5 May 2005)

Short tuneful big beat. Length 3:30

Low Level Living (Saturday, 30 April 2005)

Piano, acoustic guitar and wah effects build into a heavier ending. Length 3:53

Chief (Friday, 8 April 2005)

Rhythmic bouncing big beats and guitars. Length 4:40

Broken Path (Thursday, 24 March 2005)

Heavy distorted guitars, low pitch pianos and deep wah bass combine in this rock-orientated track. Length 4:33

Silent Walker (Tuesday, 22 March 2005)

Atmospheric drum and bass made with natural sounding strings and rolling twostep beats. Contains a half speed middle section with distorted drums. Length 5:52