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Beat Creep (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Ambient electronica. Length 6:24

Cutter (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Atmospheric experimental drum and bass. Length 5:43

No Control User (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Downtempo track featuring fxed acoustic guitars, orchestral strings and heavy beats. Length 5:53

Power Decay (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Ambient trip-hop. Length 5:11

Metal Moon (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Dark drum and bass. Length 5:38

Ghost Rocket (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Ambient drum and bass with a varied instrumentation. Length 5:41

Fading Message (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Orchestral strings and heavy trip-hop beats. Length 4:48

Mind Break (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Downtempo track combining thick bass lines and heavy beats. Length 5:25

Cascade (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Ambient trip-hop. Length 4:11

Shifter (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Atmospheric trip-hop with live drum kits. Length 4:31

System Switching (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Dark drum and bass, building up to an experimental half-tempo ending. Length 5:31

Twisted Meadows (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Downtempo electronica. Length 4:35

Rule of Code (Tuesday, 23 November 2004)

Trip-Hop track with deep bass lines, rolling beats and ambient orchestral strings. Length 5:16