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Downbeat (Thursday, 10 March 2005)

Rhythmic electronica with rhodes notes and distorted pads. Length 4:34

Harsh Reality (Friday, 18 February 2005)

Heavy spaced out downtempo beats get covered by mad synth leads and distorted bass. Length 4:24

Area of Darkness (Sunday, 13 February 2005)

Slower trip-hop with deep bass guitar notes. Length 4:26

Out The Window (Tuesday, 8 February 2005)

Dark atmospheric sci-fi strings float over rolling drum and bass beats. Length 5:56

Hazardous Peril (Friday, 4 February 2005)

Ambient drum and bass builds into a darker ending. Length 5:42

Found Lost Soul (Tuesday, 1 February 2005)

Experimental drum & bass containing acid style strings and a half-tempo middle section. Length 6:01

Carbonated (Sunday, 30 January 2005)

Short and simple downtempo with light tones. Length 3:35

Revert To Type (Wednesday, 26 January 2005)

Big Beat based on electro style synths. Length 4:26

Fractured Moment (Sunday, 23 January 2005)

Trip-Hop using processed live drum kits and a variety of string instruments. Length 4:10

Material Contrast (Monday, 17 January 2005)

Ethereal synth string intro transforms into trippy dnb beats with pulsing bass lines. Length 6:39

Unpoison (Sunday, 16 January 2005)

Downtempo, murky trip-hop. Length 5:46

I Made a Robot (Wednesday, 12 January 2005)

Heavy dnb combining sliding reese bass lines and ambient strings. Length 6:02

Weird and Microless (Monday, 10 January 2005)

Experimental electronica with filtered 808 bass lines and spooky lead stabs. Length 5:01

Hatekill (Sunday, 9 January 2005)

Orchestral strings and downtempo beats switch into twisting two-step. Length 6:40

Condition Filter (Thursday, 6 January 2005)

13 minute dark & technical drum and bass, building to a slower trip-hop ending. Length 13:07

Time of Doom (Sunday, 2 January 2005)

Rolling drum and bass with weird synth sounds. Length 7:07

In The Dirt (Saturday, 1 January 2005)

Jazz style brush beats build up with strings into heavy beats and synths. Length 4:26

Alien Luck (Thursday, 30 December 2004)

Ambient intro switches into dark tech step. Length 7:25

Yojutsu (Wednesday, 29 December 2004)

Dark breaks, deep subs. Length 6:26

Directed Energy (Wednesday, 24 November 2004)

Spacey, atmospheric and minimalist dnb. Length 5:12