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On this website you can play and download electronic music written by Paul Cooper. Paul lives in Kettering, England. You can contact by email:

paulc at paulcmusic dot com

Music credits

View my Internet Movie Database page to get more information on the projects my music has been used in.

Lots of my music has been used as background music for TV channels, including The Discovery, History and Biography Channels (US/UK), MTV, MTV2 etc.

‘Tales From The Crypt Season 2’
Background music.

‘House of Wax’ DVD
Background music.

‘The Ultimate Matrix Collection’ DVD
Ten of my tracks are used in this DVD set which includes the three Matrix Trilogy and loads of extra features.

‘Spider-Man: Collector’s Edition’ DVD
The tracks used in this are ‘Fading Message’ and ‘Rule of Code’.

‘Matrix Revolutions’ DVD
‘Ghost Rocket’ and ‘Tracking’ are used in the extras DVD.

‘Making of Matrix Revolutions’
‘Ghost Rocket’ is used as background music in this TV special.

‘Matrix: Revisited’
‘New Stuff’ was used in this DVD. It’s an ancient track, written in 1998 using Fast Track 2.


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